Criaturas marinas como nunca antes las habías visto

Las fotografías de Matty Smith han recibido reconocimiento internacional.


Desde que obtuvo su primera cámara réflex en su adolescencia, Matty ha estado capturando fotografías hasta que su gran gusto por el océano y la vida marina lo convencieron de capturar la belleza que existe bajo el agua.


Para lograr la excelente calidad en sus tomas, él ha sido capaz de fabricar un protector para el lente de su cámara, sin el cual, la nitidez de sus imágenes no serían la misma.





How colourful is this little fella! A few Weedy Sea Dragon Facts: Did you know weedy sea dragons are endemic to Australia's southern coastline - they are found nowhere else in the world. Also, one of the densest populations of weedy sea dragons is right here on our doorstep on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. They're also actually quite large growing up to 45cm long, And like there smaller cousin the seahorse, the male gives birth to the young. This one I found at a depth of about 12 meters at a dive site known as "The Monument" which is located near Kurnell NSW just on the mouth of Botany Bay. However, they can be found all over the south coast of Australia from just north of Sydney all the way around to Perth. As well as Kurnell another hotspot for these guys is Bass Point, Shellharbour NSW. This image was shot using a Nikon D300s with a Nikon 12-24mm F4 lens in an Aquatica waterproof housing and lit with 2 Inon Z220 Substrobes. Image uncropped.






It's taken me several early mornings to develope this lighting technique. Using high powered underwater strobes place beneath the blue bottles I hit them with a burst of light, the crystal clear deep water reflects no light but the bluebottles pop with that amazing electric cyan blue colour! And framed againt the the silhouette backdrop of the bay and the orange glow from the sun I think they look quite amazing wouldn't you agree? Well done mother nature you did it again!


















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